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Why The New Lara Croft Looks So Familiar

Published: 2 weeks ago


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In early 2017, Tomb Raider fans everywhere got their first look at Swedish actress Alicia Vikander as the series' iconic hero Lara Croft in the upcoming film franchise reboot. But while Tomb Raider is Vikander's latest big budget action role, the star has been all over the place in the last decade, moving from Swedish indie darling to A-list celebrity. Here's a look at why the new Lara Croft looks so familiar...

Pure | 0:24
A Royal Affair | 0:44
Anna Karenina | 1:12
The Fifth Estate | 1:46
Hotell | 2:09
Ex Machina | 2:44
Testament of Youth | 3:20
Son of a Gun | 3:47
Seventh Son | 4:09
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. | 4:30
The Danish Girl | 5:00
Burnt | 5:31
Jason Bourne | 5:49
The Light Between Oceans | 6:14
Tulip Fever | 6:42

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sander verweij 4 hours ago

the next tranny Boy for Hollywood


Plaid Tyreese 5 hours ago

Why can’t anyone say Lara properly 😒


Mark Oliver 5 hours ago

What does this actress have to do with Lara Croft 🤔?


TheRavendude23 6 hours ago

The title should be Why the New Lara Croft looks sssssooooooooo meh...


Tech mami 9 hours ago

She won Oscar when .? I don’t know who she is ..sorry


seanblacketer 11 hours ago

Not good looking enough and she has milk duds not milk creates


Kar Marie 14 hours ago

"Looks So Familiar" my ass She got the ducking OSCAR!!!


Jutt Rockjaw 16 hours ago

Ex Machina was excellent and so was her character. I say keep an open mind.


MariaSutropique 1 day ago

Angelina is the only Lara for me.


Hybrid 5766 1 day ago

If you've played the game ,the movie is exactly the same..


mgkpraesi 1 day ago

I´ve heard she made the 336th place in a Lara Croft Lookalike Contest.


Chocolarizando 2 days ago

Nossa ela tem um rosto que ninguem se lembra. nao e marcante kkkkkk dai vai e poe ela pra fazer tomb raider afs kkkk


Brittany Angelina 2 days ago

yeah we don't know this bih. She needs some milk.


pe er 2 days ago



Vaettra 2 days ago

'Ex Maakina'?


UnrealHobbit23 007 2 days ago

They picked the WRONG actress for Lara.
Hayley Atwell
- British
- Badass
- Doesn't look fragile
- Would have been the wiser choice.


Jane Doe 2 days ago

This whole clip still did not answer the question.


RinZyPlays Games 2 days ago

Benedict cumberbatch XD good one


Gia Sullivan 2 days ago

i thought tulip fever was very well done and i enjoyed it


Саша Рачинский 2 days ago

If you shit on Lara's fans, then why did not they take Samuel L Jackson for the role of Lara Croft ?!


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