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What Die-Hard Fans Don't Know About Swamp People

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, but when it comes to the stars of the History Channel hit Swamp People, truth is also stranger than reality television. Think you know everything there is to know about these muck dwellers? Well, think again, because we're about to reveal what die-hard fans don't even know about Swamp People…

Gator bait | 0:17
Quick draw | 0:38
Five feet high and rising | 1:20
Money shot | 1:57
That shirt | 2:28
Cruelty claims | 2:59
Later, gator! | 3:46

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Looper 2 weeks ago

Did we leave any Swamp People facts out?


Catherine Smith 6 days ago

Now I want to watch this show, my curiosity needs to be satisfied. How does gator meat taste? That's something else I am curious about.


Oskar Kristoffersen 2 weeks ago

opponent sleep every obligation chair below pocket intention.


Charles Blackburn 2 weeks ago

Is it me or did this dude seem really condescending


Mr game information 2 weeks ago

a gas cans not explosive asshole


Steven Carmello 2 weeks ago

My uncle is on that show justin choate and my aunt gator queen Liz


kirby march Barcena 2 weeks ago

They should be careful not to startle the Swamp Thing...


000 000 2 weeks ago

I love it how People are raging when some wild animals die but doesn't say anything when a livestock animals get slaughtered


Sam Dingle 2 weeks ago

I'm a huge fan of Die Hard and you're right, I didn't know any of this.


frankie Aranda 2 weeks ago

Swamp justice only way to go!


555Lemmy666 2 weeks ago

there actually exist 'die hard fans' of that show?


Heather Baker 2 weeks ago

Wherever cast interview rxaqzo hotel foundation direct powerful.


just in case 2 weeks ago

Mudda Fricka what an awesome show. Nothing like rednecks getting rich off of what they do. BTW animal rights freaks. FO.


Hyelander 2 weeks ago

I'm a Die Hard fan. I've never seen Swamp people.


Christian Gillis 2 weeks ago

There are die-hard fans of Swamp People?


Darrel Stewart 2 weeks ago

Were there swamp people in Die Hard? I don't remember them


Davis C 2 weeks ago

This is some racist BS. Sad day Looper!


john osborn 2 weeks ago

What don't know, THIS IS NOT HISTORY! Swamp RATS better title part of the swamp of reality trash The history Channel sunk into.


Joe Doe 2 weeks ago

I hope you know a bullet won't ignite gas....


unlimited haro78 2 weeks ago

When OCC got cancel, Swamp People became my fix...with much more less rough edges and a lot more catchy phrases


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