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Why Marvel's Inhumans Was Such A Flop

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Marvel's ABC TV series Inhumans has made its long-awaited debut, with a modified version of the first two episodes landing in IMAX theaters across the country. Unfortunately, the reaction from critics and fans has not been kind. The theatrical release currently has yet to earn a single positive review on Rotten Tomatoes, the box office take has been anemic, and fans have been left wondering how a project that spent such a long time in development is turning out to be Marvel's first massive flop. There are several factors that brought Inhumans to this point, so let's take a look at where this project went so wrong...

Red light, green light | 0:34
Terrible teasers | 1:36
Awkward press panel | 2:58
Imperiled production | 3:50
The IMAX experiment | 4:41
Critical miss | 5:23

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Looper 1 week ago

What would you fix or change when it comes to Marvel's Inhumans?


Jeff Douglas 17 minutes ago

Why did it flop? because it was on ABC, and probably rushed.


K Dub 28 minutes ago

The Inhumans is not the Xmen!!!!


Dr Judgement 1 hour ago

Moral ; You cannot fix a show with bad ideas..


FraserA1987 2 hours ago

IT WAS A FLOP because they fucked with the X-MEN. I'm pretty sure they were cursed they moment they crossed the children of the atom wtaf are Marvel thinking Medusa can suck a d**k they'll never be the X-Men. Marvel fix the Fuck up


Carlos Ortiz 3 hours ago

is this worst then emoji movie?


Doc Reasonable 4 hours ago

The Inhumans was never one of Kirby's strongest '60s concepts. Stan Lee never gave them their own book (although that would eventually happen years later) but relegated them to a back-up feature in Thor and then Amazing Adventures.


Deavon Manson 7 hours ago

Fuck I didn't even know it was out


MrSubzero28 8 hours ago

Can't wait to see black lighting on the cw!🤣


Nettaiya87 8 hours ago

I'd only watch for that awesome dog and Iwan Rheon.


MsSunhappy 9 hours ago

none of the actors are beautiful or handsome. how can anybody be excited? they look so D-rate actors!


Drats 9 hours ago

Watching a guy who's guts I hated be a good guy is also a little jaring. I feel like no character from game of thrones can ever get a job again haha.


Mark Markham 9 hours ago

Another factor is that, generally speaking, people are starting to get tired of the shit. Growing up I was a comic-book fan, and I looked forward to a time when I could see real, quality adaptations on the big screen. Now we've seen so many that it's just time to pull back a little. Make them a big deal again. Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and Spider-man: Homecoming were huge hits (as well as Wonder-Woman for DC), but I think we're getting too much of a (to a varying degree) a good thing.


Janeen Curay 11 hours ago

Ramsey could not hold this castle by himself........this was horrible.


Jazz Rush 11 hours ago

I didn't know this even came out?? Hopefully Marvel does a reboot with an anime series.


CEOTSP WORLD 12 hours ago

This is so sad man !!! How do you mess this up ?!!!


D T 12 hours ago

IMHO I actually likes Iron fist. It not too bad compared to anything DC based minus Wonder Woman


The Blue Eye Gamer 14 hours ago

I honestly don’t know why Iron Fist has gotten so much hate. I thought it was awesome


Martin Westerhof 15 hours ago

smart decision giving the director of iron fist to inhumans, they just recreated the scenario for the writer to fail in.


TheKeyser94 16 hours ago

But there is a clear difference between Inhumans and Batman VS Superman, Batman VS Superman is faithful to the comics, only a whinny crybabies that idealise to much the superheroes were against it and ignorant movies critics that have no idea of the fucking source material, but, Affleck was the only flaw of the movie, he cant act not even to save his life, it was a very poor choice of actor for Batman, he should have been recast immediately, he acted like George Clooney in Batman and Robin, but this Inhumans, they totally ruin the character Medusa, I love Medusa in her deadly hair in the comics.


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