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Chris Pratt Performances We All Forgot About

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Chris Pratt went from that funny chubby guy on Parks and Recreation to bonafide movie star almost overnight thanks to his starring roles in blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy and and Jurassic World. But for much of his early career, it seemed as if he was destined to play on the sidelines, as boyfriends in romantic comedies or co-workers with only a handful of lines. Here are some under-the-radar roles Pratt played before he became a global superstar...

Everwood | 0:21
Strangers With Candy | 0:44
The O.C. | 1:06
Wanted | 1:30
Bride Wars | 1:54
Moneyball | 2:13
Zero Dark Thirty | 2:44
Her | 3:08

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Looper 2 weeks ago

What other early Chris Pratt roles before Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy should have made this list?


Ron L 1 week ago

I have clearly remembered him in Everwood.  He also costarred with Treat Williams on the show.  Excellent show, btw.


Benjamin Graves 1 week ago

Wow never realized how many films Chris Pratt has been in. Love his acting!


Adam Hermans 1 week ago

preference Does anyone watch larger this version?#


FoldupFire 4586 1 week ago

I like his role in Her


Shrabon Ahammed 1 week ago

I really like Chris Pratt


Jackie Musgrove 1 week ago

So, as soon as he became a buff star, sexy leading man, he leaves his wife and kid for his leading lady. Charming.


Zakynthos 1 week ago

I think he was great in Jurasic World


xoxintothelalax 1 week ago

Uhm he played a cop in Jennifer's Body the most iconic movie


jason arce 2 weeks ago

So he dated his TV sister. Who is now Captain America movie girlfriend. Small world.


Haley Justino 2 weeks ago

How could you not mention that he was a redneck bro in that Meagan Fox movie Jennifer's Body


damdamdamdumdidum 2 weeks ago

Oh Looper, you will always suck with your titles. No, we didn't "all" forget about those performances. And Hannah wasn't most of the time his on/off relationship, she only had a part in 2/4 seasons.


Buckfutter _12 2 weeks ago

Holy shit im the 666th like on the vid halllp


Brain Lock 2 weeks ago

So...StarLord has dated Sharon Carter in real life and gone on a double-date with Black Widow?

Also, you forgot that low budget "Deep in the Valley", which was a low grade Skinemax waste of time. also, Extreme Team, because every black ops team needs X-TREEM SPORTS!! on their side.


DC Infinity 2 weeks ago

5 Year Engagement!


Louise Jacobs 2 weeks ago

Omg experimental I please iu !exception :3


Retro Hero 276 2 weeks ago

Holy Shit! Star Lord dated Sharon Carter! and got his face smashed with a keyboard by Professor Xavier


JasonJMist 2 weeks ago

I loved him as Che' (or Chester} on the OC. He was amazing during that 4th & Final Season.


Kirsti Swanson 2 weeks ago

I love Chris Pratt. Also I used to watch the OC when I was little


Sofi 2 weeks ago

Hey I remember Everwood and The O.C. the movies I totally forgot!


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