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The Ending Of It Explained

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The newest adaptation of Stephen King's It has introduced yet another generation of kids to their worst nightmares. The 1990 TV miniseries scared the jorts off every early millennial with a VCR and four hours to spare. But the 2017 version moves the setting to the late '80s, when milk cartons paraded pictures of missing children, and the New Kids on the Block were every teen's guiltiest Walkman pleasure. Through a wildly entertaining funhouse of fright, the Losers Club comes together to do what the adults can't and banish evil. But do they really put an end to their shared enemy? Let's take a look at what actually happens at the end of It...

The Losers Club is strong... | 0:37
They're not invincible | 1:36
Bev chooses herself… kind of | 2:42
Parental plight | 3:27
Henry Bowers is MIA | 4:13
What about the floating kids? | 4:55
It isn't over | 5:52

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Looper 2 weeks ago

Who would you cast as adult versions of the Loser's Club in the inevitable sequel to IT?


GuessWhatIHackIoGames 10 hours ago

hey, children are tasty because the more they are scared the more juicy they are, and look here: children are easiest to scare. He thought this was a free country


Description Untitled 10 hours ago

If this took place in 1889 and comes back every 27 years that would be in 2016. Weren't there a lot of ACTUAL clown sittings in October that year? O.O


Tys Dasd 12 hours ago


It explains why those that are floating never got eaten

Answer because they don't fear IT


IiAntjumperiI [GD] 16 hours ago

What's the background music?


Magnus Aduro 16 hours ago

You know why Georgi wasn't there?

He was eaten. Literally he was eaten.


Luis Eduardo Silva 17 hours ago

The new kids on the block scene at Ben's bedroom was so damn funny hahahahahahaaha I couldn't stop cracking up


Rashell Guerrero 20 hours ago

Every 27 years


Daniel Dow 1 day ago

The old it is not scary


Robocop2015 1 day ago

Previous Pennywise was somehow more scary than this one.


Cesar Mendez 2 days ago



GamerPlayz GamerDraws 2 days ago

Dude I cried when georgie died and said Billy before he was dragged into the sewer and when Billy found Georgie's raincoat that was the two most saddest parts I have ever seen I'm WAY nicer to my little brother now 😢😢😢😭😭😭


Hobo on aMuffin 2 days ago

I only watched the movie cause they make out at the end


Paul Stewart 2 days ago

The reason Georgie isn't there is because it only eats the people that are scared of him. That's why he didn't eat Beverly bc she wasn't scared, she faced her fear and had no more in her life.


DNMUK 2 days ago

*his gazebo prescriptions


Diego Trujillo 2 days ago

I feel bad 😔 for Georgie he died for no reason (edit)like if you agree


Carlos Lozada 2 days ago



Terrance Hill 2 days ago

they all float down here and u will too beast mode


English Oatmeal 3 days ago

But yet his rain coat wasn't ripped


Blake Tierney 3 days ago

The end of what?


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