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Small Details In It That Only True Fans Noticed

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The newest adaptation of Stephen King's It contains a lot of Easter eggs — some of which are more obvious than others. In addition to the ones we've talked about before, like those t-shirt logos, here's a look at some of the other small details in It that only true fans noticed...

The absentee parents | 0:16
Robert Dohay's head | 0:49
The stutter chant | 1:19
I heart Derry | 1:49
The corner | 2:35
Paul Bunyan | 2:58
The forgetting | 3:30
Exit order | 3:57

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Looper 2 weeks ago

The Maturin turtle references? Silver? What other small details do you think should've made this list?


dog Dj 2 hours ago

Is that dex


Yaser Al-Sokary 2 hours ago

Is this Dexter Manning?


Jamie Milione 2 hours ago

Is this narrated by Dex?


Firecustard 3 hours ago

I’m not a true fan but I’ve always wondered, where are the parents


minty mari 64 3 hours ago

Its just so funny when the clowns eyes are crossed


demarco mcbeastington a 5 hours ago

Second is more creepy and sad


weeBunny gaming 5 hours ago

Great video


Irish Panda 7 hours ago

You sound like Dexter Manning


Luis Larios Ravel 7 hours ago

Did anyone else noticed the name "Richard Cowan" on the movie's credits??


Eyeless July 8 hours ago

Well, just spoiled the whole book for myself...

Fuck that, Imma read it anyways.


Argentina VR 9 hours ago

Someone said ... EXTENDED EDITION?!?!?!


Argentina VR 9 hours ago

Un the scene of the room with a loot of clowns, there is a reference of pennywise 1990 copy


Sniper_Dog 11 hours ago

I hope Eddie doesn't die he is my favourite character


Charles Maxwell 13 hours ago

You gotta remember with the adults, the town of Derry essentially is IT (as described in the book). So the movie did a good job of subtly showing that, especially with the beginning goat scene. The town of Derry is the goat, and IT is the farmer harvesting it's meat.


Its not delivery, its Digorno Lucas 13 hours ago

Its weird how this guys voice sounds like the guy from smashbit animations.


Vanessa Sparks 15 hours ago

Does it annoy anyone how geargie was crawling away with one arm bc his other arm got eaten off and his legs we're perfectly fine


Chrishum 17 hours ago

Holy crap your from SmashBitsAnimation 😂😂


Animations to Music 18 hours ago

Is that gender less child?


Charles Ayala 18 hours ago

this video showed zero deep details. just explained obvious plot points


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