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Top 10 Songs from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" Awesome Mixes!

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Top 10 Songs from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" Awesome Mixes! Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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These tunes provided the soundtrack for our favorite Guardians! Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the top 10 Songs From The Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mixes. For this list, we’ll be ranking songs like “My Sweet Lord”, “Father and Son”, “Moonage Daydream”, “O-o-h Child”, “The Chain”, “Brandy You’re a Fine Girl”, “Blue Swede” and more. Did your favorite song from the Awesome Mixes make it onto the list? Let us know in the comments below!


00:37 #10:  "My Sweet Lord"
01:24 #9: "The Chain"
02:15 #8: "I Want You Back"
03:05 #7: "(Brandy) You're a Fine Girl"
04:07 #6: "O-o-h Child"
04:57 #5: "Moonage Daydream"
05:38 #4: "Father and Son"
06:30 #3, #2 & #1: ?

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Show more 1 week ago

These are some great tunes eh Mojoholics? Which one is your favorite though?


LollyGaming 1 day ago

father and son was in the scene with groot and peter where pether kind of realises that groot is kinda his son


Marvel Ederick 1 day ago

You shoulf of put come alittle bit closer by the jay americans


The Joker 1 day ago

Wham bam in my no 1


Frandsen Films 2 days ago

It should be number one the chain


Gelgamesh 2 days ago

Where is "Fooled around and fell in love" ?


Juan Ignacio 2 days ago

Make this video un WatchMojo Español


alisa Bull 3 days ago

hooked on a feelin


rhiley scarbrough 3 days ago

Before I watch this if brandy by looking glass and the chain by Fleetwood Mac aren't on here I will flip


Sauron 7777 3 days ago

If you enjoyed the opening for GOTG Vol. 2 opening with Mr. Blue Sky heres a link for a collection of parodies. Enjoy.

Mr. Blue Sky Openings:


Rafterman 4 days ago

What!? The Raspberries "Go All the Way" isn't on the list!?
It has one of the coolest intros of all time!


vedant choudhary 4 days ago

Hooked on the felling breaks the record


Maddox 5 days ago

The Chain is criminally low on this list


Bossatronic Tube 6 days ago

#1 southern nights


The Herobrinenyan 7 days ago

I expected "My Sweet Lord" to be number one. Gettoutuh here! That and "Mr. Blue Sky" and "The Chain" are the absolute best.


Zomo Bean 7 days ago

I am surprised that "The Chain" did'nt rate higher, it's one of the best songs in the movie.


Elite Bandit 7 days ago

Redbone come and get your love should be number 1 by far!


Elise Camara Desta Slay 7 days ago

Watch out here come my arrow!


AnotherCrazyCroft 7 days ago

2:20 MJ Yess!


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