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BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD

Published: 8 months ago


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Movie directed by Seth Gordon
Cast : Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Genre : Comedy

BAYWATCH Movie Trailer
© 2017 - Paramount Pictures

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GAMERS HUB 1 week ago

Did i just saw LEAH Gotti ?


mrnaughtycat 2 weeks ago

They've ruined the rep of the tv show


Dem Tastey Skittles 2 weeks ago

0:26 what's that song that's like dun dun dun dun dun at the party in the background


Arjit Gupta 2 weeks ago

that fucking indian butch i wonder how she changed her accent and got a role in the film


Eric Tyler 3 weeks ago

Hilarious movie....


Chris Bryan 3 weeks ago

Alexandra Daddario's eyes are mesmerizing.


Ryan Bricknell 3 weeks ago

this is halarious more funny than me


DexTer AL 3 weeks ago

song name pleasee ? 0:49 0:53


JOE DADDY 3 weeks ago

I liked it. IDK why IMDB people are such haters.. They say too many dick jokes etc. Aww Sorry Put The Rock in a movie and I like it...


toorpat 1 3 weeks ago

why does that Alexandra always have such a stupid look on her face?


CookieMurderer123 3 weeks ago

It costs a lots of money to make such crap - Why


Chris Dodt 4 weeks ago

incredible how bad this movie is


Jane Grantz 4 weeks ago

DJ's current popularity runs a mile wide, but about an inch deep. This film belly flopped. And he better be careful in the future, choosing better projects. Not even remotely as talented as Eddie Murphy, whose own stardom faltered because of too many bad films. But whereas Murphy still remains potentially one role away from being a big star again, I believe the former Rock has just this one turn. When it's over, that's it.


Ramza 4 weeks ago

What's with all the profanity? Afraid that it might be cheesy without it?


Jason Nielsen 4 weeks ago

Funniest part is with all the beautiful sights and exposed skin of all the women in the movie I was constantly sucked in to those gorgeous EYES of Alexandra Daddario...........I fought against it during her bouncey boobie test part though. What EYES!! *drool* LOL


zanygris0612 4 weeks ago

just saw it...wasnt as bad as I expected,,,made me laugh a lot....


Zeynep Alemdar 1 month ago

🎬 Baywatch / Sahil Güvenlik - Türkçe Altyazılı - 720p HD - #Aksiyon / #Komedi -

Full Movie >>


Angeles Isip Jr. 1 month ago

what is the with "la la la"..


Suraj Thakur 1 month ago

biggest reason of baywatch flop is very few scenes of Priyanka chopra... (


Achutha Achu 1 month ago

Trailer looks great.......


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